Answer in brief Explain any four functions of marketing Organisation of Commerce and Management

The label is usually affixed on the package. A label plays an important role in making the package and branding function meaningful. Labelling thus helps in the identification of the product.

  • Branding is the product-related decision because of which consumers preferred the products of ABC Crackers Ltd.
  • This can either be in the form of a cover or a seal.
  • The company should then chalk out a timeline that is essential for achieving the objectives.
  • An indirect marketing channel can be both short and long.

Product is the element of marketing mix discussed here. Mediquip Ltd. is a company dealing in distribution of medical equipments. The company recently imported units of sugar testing machines to test the sugar levels without taking blood samples. For deciding the marketing strategy, the Chief Executive Officer of the company called a meeting of the marketing heads of different zones.

Distribution channel varies from one business to another

An important function of label is to aid in promotion of the products. A carefully designed label can attract the customer to purchase. So, many labels provide promotional messages, some show discount or other schemes etc. Describe the functions of labelling in the marketing of products.

Which function of marketing which creates place utility?

While production of a good takes place at a place, its consumers are spread over a vast area. Therefore, it is necessary to make available these goods at places where they are needed. Thus, transportation helps to create 'place-utility'.

Place Utility – It adds place utility to products by transferring the products from the place of production to the place of consumption i.e. making products available at the right place. Integrated function – It involves value of ris communication and integration with various business activities to make effective marketing strategies. Market – A market is an actual or nominal place where buyers and seller meet to trade goods and services.

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The second segment Connect looks at more evolved users who look for more functionality and features and connectivity. Accordingly, phones in this segment would have GPRS, camera and music capabilities. This criticism is not entirely time. Advertisement in fact helps buyer by informing them about the new products which may be improvement over the existing products.

  • The slip carrying all these is details called Label and the process of preparing it as Labelling.
  • ‘B’ and ‘C’, representing three levels of quality; best, medium and ordinary respectively.
  • The company was a leading company in the market and earning huge profits.

He finds that cost of production of 100 gm of hair wax is Rs. 250. He has decided to keep a margin of 15% as profit. Moreover, he has assessed that there is a free competition in this product segment. The elements of marketing mix being taken into consideration by Rupali are Product and Price. Explain briefly the functions of marketing highlighted here. Identify the elements of marketing mix being taken into consideration by Rupali.

The top management became concerned when the profits for the current quarter fell steeply. On analysis, it was revealed that ignoring the after sales services was its reason. Therefore, the company took all possible measures to protect and promote its favourable image in the eyes of the public. As a result, the goodwill of the company improved in the society.

Which function helps in place utility?

They make sure to convince consumers to buy products as per their desire. Retail management refers to successfully running and managing the internal functions of a retail store. It comes from extensive planning and having an understanding of the target demographic. Retail management teaches about inventory management and supply management, where it conveys various techniques to optimize the entire retailing operations. It is important to understand the needs of any staff employed as these individuals will be at the forefront of the business and represent your brand on a daily basis. The supporters of advertisement, however argued that we are all rational human beings who make our decisions for purchase of products on factors, such as price, style, size, etc.

What are the 3 types of utility?

Place utility: this utility is derived when you can transport goods from one place to another. Time utility: it is derived by keeping or storing goods over a period of time so that they can be used later. Service utility: it is derived by rendering professional services to consumers.

Pricing is the function of translating into quantitative terms the value of the product or idea by the marketing manager before it is offered for sale to consumers. Pricing is the process of setting objectives, identifying the factors governing the price, formulating price policies and strategies setting prices, implementing them and controlling them 24. What kind of tools can be included under sales promotion? What do you understand by the term ‘advertising’? Advertising is the popular tool of promotion as it communicates in a persuasive manner about organization or products or services non-personally through paid media.

Merchant Banking – Meaning, Significance, Functions

The Fancy Store’ is a popular retail shop dealing in all kinds of fashionable items. Harish, the owner of the store believes in pushing the sale of his products through aggressive sales promotion techniques. Therefore, throughout the year he keeps offering various kinds short¬term incentives to the buyers like discounts, quantity gifts, product combinations etc. He also believes in building long term relations with the buyers and therefore offers only good quality products and handles the complaints of the buyers if any with politeness and patience. Ajay would adopt indirect channels of distribution for marketing of toothpaste and tooth brushes because it is a consumer product.

which function helps in place utility

What functions do they play in the distribution of goods and services? In order to profit the interest of public against unfair practices in the field of price fixing, Government can intervene and regulate the price of commodities. Government can declare a product as essential product and regulate its price.

About Marketing channels

As a business advisor, suggest any two services that will be very effective in enhancing brand loyalty for any such product. Identify the elements of marketing mix being taken into consideration by Arun. In today’s world, through social media, news spread in a flash. Moreover, if it is bad news, it acquires a speed that is virtually impossible to stop. Hence, all corporates are more susceptible to a tarnished image today than in any other day and age.

Materials and goods held in stock or in transit are subject to the risk of loss or damage. Employees are also required to be protected against the risks of accident and occupational hazards. Insurance provides protection in all cases. On payment of a nominal premium, the amount of loss or damage and compensation for injury, if any, be recovered from the insurance company.

Explain the major activities involved in the physical distribution of products. Negotiation Channels operate with manufacturers on the one hand and customer on the other. They negotiate the price, quality, guarantee and other related matters with customers, so that transfer of ownership is properly affected.

Manufacturer ‡Wholesaler ‡Agent ‡ Retailer ‡Consumer is an example for three level channel. Give an example for one level channels. Manufacturer‡ Retailer ‡Consumer is an example for one level channels. A Retailer is one who sells to the ultimate consumer. What is the difference between Marketing and Sales Sales focuses on selling existing products to customers and driver volumes through promotional means. Marketing focuses on products that meet customer needs through marketing programs that enhances customer satisfaction.

which function helps in place utility

The company was a leading company in the market and earning huge profits. Because of huge profits, the company ignored the after sales services. As a result, its relations with customers got spoiled and the image of the company was damaged in the public.

Inventories ensure the availability of the product as and when consumer demand arises. There are various factors which influence a firm decision regarding the level of inventory e.g., degree of accuracy of sales forecast, cost of blocking of the working capital etc. The marketing channels are the intermediaries between the producers and the consumers. They attempt to reach final agreement on price and other terms of the offer, so that transfer of ownership is properly affected. Transportation Transportation involves physical movement of goods from one place to another. A marketer has to perform this function very efficiently keeping in mind the nature of product, cost, location of target market etc.

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