How I scored 925 1000 on AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification in 2 weeks

Bad actors are consistently trying to find vulnerabilities in any code and infrastructure (both on-premises and in the cloud). When looking back at the lessons learned from the first 10 years of AWS, CTO Werner Vogels said Protecting your customers should always be your number one priority… And it certainly has been for AWS. Don’t expect that just because you are moving to the cloud and the service that your application is relying on is labeled as a managed service, that you no longer need to worry about failures. Failures happen, maybe not often; however, when running a business, any sort of downtime can translate into lost revenue. Having a plan to mitigate risks can genuinely mean the difference in keeping your service-level agreement or having to apologize or, even worse, having to give customers credits or refunds. In AWS, you can perform Operations as Code using a few different services, such as CloudFormation, the Cloud Development Kit , language-specific software development kits , or by using the command-line interface .

  • However, this is not necessarily the context that is being referred to in the reliability service pillar.
  • Although it may seem easier and sometimes quicker to make a change to the infrastructure by hand, this can lead to infrastructure drift and is not a repeatable process.
  • The best preparation for certification exams is practical experience.
  • This is the score of my first attempt, it still hurts 💔Don’t limit by the examples I used to prepare.

As a professionally-certified AWS and DevOps Engineer, you have the ability and know-how to explore its various underlying connections and how they benefit your project and each other. You’ll get your hands on some useful but lesser-known AWS services that other engineers might not know of. Being DevOps certified means that these tools will be available at your disposal.

Module 11: AWS Migration

We briefly mentioned several different AWS services and which service pillar or design principals where specific services come into play. In the next chapter, we will learn about the fundamental AWS services that are used throughout the environments and accounts you will be working in.

  • Depending on requirements, you have to understand what combination of services you can use to deploy your solution, being them more or less managed.
  • This is a good way to sift through and eliminate incorrect answers.
  • If you tear down region one by one it should automatically failover and eventually show you oops static webpage hosted on s3.
  • Intellipaat offers lifetime access to our videos, certification course materials, 24/7 support, and course material upgrading to the latest version at no extra fee.

The exam’s languages are English, Chinese Mandarin Simplified, Japanese, and Korean. If English is a Second Language for you, you can request AWS to get an additional 30 minutes for your certification duration. For example, the Cloud Practitioner exam’s duration is 90 minutes. Therefore, after accommodation of “ESL + 30 minutes” you will have 120 minutes for the exam. Prepare you for business life by revealing the real problems faced by the companies in the questions.

Cost optimization

Experience in the development of code in one high-level programming language at the least. Implementing and automation of security controls, compliance validation, and governance processes. Implementing and managing AWS continuous delivery systems & methodologies. Preparing to become an AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional? Get started with the AWS Solution Architect Professional exam training. I was able to achieve a score of 902 for qualifying the exam.

How long does it take to prepare for AWS DevOps?

It took me around a month to prepare for it, but I had a few years using AWS by then. In comparison, it took me just two weeks to get ready to the AWS Certified Developer – Associate exam. It could be done in less than two weeks, though. The test is pretty simple.

I try to keep it short and on point so you don’t have to waste your time and helps you focus on the right services which are covered in the exam. EventBridge is the evolution of the CloudWatch Events service. CloudWatch has not yet been deprecated, and CloudWatch Alarms are still around. So be prepared, as you may see both EventBridge and CloudWatch on the exam.

Can I gain knowledge from free AWS DevOps resources?

Solve as many sample papers and test series as this will help you to identify the level at which you are and how much preparation do you still need. The Internet is flooded with a plethora of practice tests, so make sure to find the most reliable and authentic one to end your preparation process. Practice tests will help you evaluate yourself as well as boost your confidence. I used the practice tests along with the TD cheat sheets as my main study materials. AWS DevOps course gives you hands-on experience which is demanded by some of the biggest corporations in the world. Upon the completion of the training course, you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs around the world as Professionals.

aws certified devops engineer

However, I recommend that you choose courses that include hands-on and real-life examples rather than just theoretical knowledge, especially for the Pro-level certifications. After learning the basics of AWS, I think experience stands out as the most important factor for AWS certifications.

To pass the how to become a devops engineer certification exam, you need to have a good knowledge of AWS DevOps and hands-on experience with the AWS platform. The cost of the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer certification exam is US$300. The learners are required to create automated test cases with Selenium.

The questions are hard in a way because you’d have to go through one or two pages of the scenario before you actually reach the questions. Sometimes, it can be hard to comprehend a long situation, so you might find yourself a bit confused when you get to the questions part. Is incorrect because this solution entails a significant overhead of refactoring your application to use Redshift instead of Aurora. Moreover, Redshift is primarily used as a data warehouse solution and not suitable for OLTP or e-commerce websites. Is incorrect because although a NAT Gateway can safeguard the instances from any incoming traffic that were initiated from the Internet, it still permits them to send outgoing requests externally.

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